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Who are we

Company history

RIM CZ s.r.o. is a limited liability company that was founded in 1991. From the very outset, its area of business was the manufacture of office chairs. The company's philosophy in the area of healthy sitting and the application of knowledge based on intensive research in the field of ergonomics have had a strong influence on the company's development. Our mission is embodied in our motto "FOR HEALTHY SITTING" and our objective is to manufacture and sell chairs that help in creating and cultivating a healthy office environment.

RIM CZ Objectives

Develop and launch products to market, that satisfy customers with their technical solutions, design, price and quality.

Business Policy

RIM-CZ – distribution for European markets
RIM-HK – Distribution for South-East Asia and USA
RIM POINT – dealerships, authorized dealer RIM

Represented brands

ZÜCO (Switzerland)


An office chair can be bought almost anywhere...

However, when you visit our showroom you will see we do things a little differently. With our experienced team we are here to listen, understand and propose solutions so that all of your expectations will be met. Whether you are looking for seating furniture for private or commercial use, we are ready to help you. We cordially invite you to visit our showrooms in Otrokovice and Prague or one of RIM points all around the world. Give us the opportunity to show you how comfortable your sitting can be. We look forward to your visit.

Showroom Otrokovice

Showroom Prague


A good design cannot be measured it is a matter of personal taste

A good design is becoming a key driver of innovative and successful companies. Cooperation of producer and designer is crucial for RIM products. Even though we have very good technologies and we are able to find technical solution, the connection with good design gives our products greater value. We are working on projects with a number of leading Czech and foreign designers who complete the character of our products. More information about design here.


Since 1991, we have been producing the seating furniture to your offices. We always pay attention primarily to the quality of our products. The exceptionality of RIM products lies in details and in an effort of our skilled workers who continually improve their skills and working processes. In order to achieve a high quality of all products and their long service life, we pay close attention to the whole process of development and production with maximum care.